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Colorful Abstract Painting

Sharan Nixon

A Journey Through Art and Resilience

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In the heart of challenging times, as the world faced the unprecedented grips of a pandemic, Sharan Nixon, the Lead Artist at Nixon Art Gallery, found herself battling a storm of depression and despair.  The looming threat of the Fashion Umbrella Foundation, a project close to her heart, potentially shutting its doors weighed heavily on her.


During this period of solitude and uncertainty, Sharan discovered a powerful ally in art.  This wasn't just a hobby; it became her lifeline.  Her creative spirit soared as the world slowed down, channeling her fears and anxieties into strokes of paint and expressions on canvas.  Art became more than an escape; it was a transformative force, pulling her back from the brink of despair and opening a new pathway to support the foundation she feared losing, and this is when the Nixon Art Gallery was born.

Under Sharan's artistic guidance, the Nixon Art Gallery transformed into a spotlight of hope.  Each piece crafted by her hands did more than fill the space with beauty; it became a crucial financial lifeline.  The sales from these artworks funneled essential funds back into the Fashion Umbrella Foundation, ensuring its survival and continued impact.

Sharan Nixon's journey is a testament to the power of art to heal, inspire, and sustain the artist and the community around her.  Her story is one of overcoming, turning personal trials into universal triumphs, ensuring that through art, the spirit of philanthropy thrives, making every brushstroke a step towards recovery and resilience.

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