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Sharan Nixon (Founder/Chief Volunteer), a mother of three (3) males, realized while raising her sons she needed to develop a gateway to assist youth with life goals. 

The Fashion Umbrella Foundation is a volunteer-driven youth-focused organization whose mission is to engage individuals who wish to create, develop, and exhibit self-expression through fashion, the arts, and business.


Established in 2013, the Fashion Umbrella Foundation has over 15 years of collective experience with community engagement, self-development, fundraising initiatives, small business support, and coaching.  

The Fashion Umbrella Foundation is instrumental in bringing Nixon's vision to life through its programs, workshops, and courses. Programs include youth development components like the Educational Honors and the Youth Open Mic Series.

The Foundation achieves its mission through partnerships that allow the organization to execute focused education through its online learning portal Fashion Umbrella University; provide freshman and sophomore college students educational support through a scholarship award; facilitate professional networking opportunities; establish talent-workforce development guidance.